Here is the posting templates are managed. These can be used in the main screen to accelerate the book. The posting templates require at least one debit and credit account. The remaining details are omitted and supplemented only with a booking in the main screen.

     Mouse Functions


     Right click with the mouse opens the following functions.

Functions from top to bottom:

1. Adds new posting template

2.Personal settings can be adjusted here

3.Removed similar entry template

Add / Change

No.:                        Generated by inntact automatically. No input required.

Debit / Credit:                Here is the account numbers for the desired reservation rate are recorded.

Collective booking:        The window for group bookings as a template opens when set in the DIV or credit account is entered:

Group booking/Split booking

Account:        Here is the account number is recorded. Each account is recorded individually with text book, debit amount and credit amount and must be confirmed with OK.

Debit / Credit:        Freely selectable amount of debit and / or credit side.

Booking Text:        Here, for each row, a single text book can be detected. That of the first row is displayed in the main screen.

Differences:        Here the difference between the debit and credit side is displayed. This must necessarily be zero, so that the booking rate is balanced.

Close:                After entering all the information needs of this window will be closed. Close is only active when the book balances. Storage is in the next window.