Here, either an existing chart of accounts customized or a new one created.


1. Create new account group or create new account

2. Opens the selected (highlighted in blue) group or the selected account

3. Deletes the selected (highlighted in blue) group or the selected account

4. Copies the selected (highlighted in blue) group or the selected account

5. Prints the chart of accounts

Create / modify new account

For each newly created account a Category first, a class and a group must be defined. Exact details are listed below account (account number) and name (account name). Caution! The account number cannot be changed at a later time. The account can, however, even if there are no reservations on the respective account will be deleted.

Input allowed:        If this field is active, can be booked on the account. Otherwise bookings are not possible on this account.

Debit account:        This selection enables them to distinguish between debit and credit accounts. However, where the relevant account is an account that is listed on the debit side (usually active and expense accounts), this selection must be active.

Accruals:        Should be selected when the accounts transitory assets and liabilities, so that the TA and TP can be reversed with a single click.

VAT code:        For income statement accounts VAT code should be deposited to the account. This will appear automatically in the Bookings on this account.

               This will appear automatically in the Bookings on this account.

FW allowed:        Provided the account foreign currency bookings are to be possible, it must be active selection. This also should be a foreign currency code (eg EUR) and a success rate account is chosen so that the success rate can be automatically posted.

Details:             For each account, further details are captured. The book group helps to categorize entries and find the filter in the default mask faster. The additional names can be displayed in various reports in addition to the name. When selecting "Print account with balance 0 never" is active, the account will be displayed if it has a zero balance in any evaluation.         

Budget:    The budget comparison is reported in many evaluations. Here, for each account per year, a budget can be created.

First, the fiscal year and the method by which the budget is built can be selected. The "budget per year in%" allows distribute a given annual budget to a percentage of the individual months.

Account group recreate / change


Category                                Ex Balance

      Class                                        Ex Assets

         Group                                        Ex Claims

                 Subgroup                               Ex Receivables Europe


When a new class, group or sub-group would be created, a parent record must be selected. For example, if a group would be created, the parent record is the class. Under "Type" is displayed on what kind of group is created with the appropriate selection.

Downside:        The entire account set appears on the debit side (eg assets / expenses)

Gross profit:        This account group is included in the gross profit.