Unless an invoice or credit note was not transferred from the application module, it can be entered manually here.

First, it should be entered no. customers. This can be written directly as a number or name in the field or selected using the selection box.The selection is done in a separate window. Thus an address is here listed, then it must be in the CRM or the master data in the debtors module be defined as customer.

Subsequently, the other details are included. To save the bill, at least the customer no., the invoice total, a VAT code, a Condition Code and the debit and credit account to be entered. If a customer always the same codes and accounts are used, they can be stored separately in the master data for each customer.

Other Functions:

KST / KT        --> In addition to the set and Habenkonti additionally cost center and winners are selected.

Installment        -->  If an invoice is received for a partial payment, it can be detected in the "partial payment". The measurement is done by the "New" button.

This window must include the date. plus the amount the account can be entered.

The account can also be entered as evidence collection, if various revenue accounts to be posted.