For invoices and credit notes as the "Receipt no." Is (always numeric) assigned automatically. "Supplier Receipt No." can (alphanumeric) to be entered, but is not mandatory.


If you only want to work with a date, this can be set under Tools / Options. If you are working with 2 data, the posting date is used further in the financial accounting.


First, a supplier should be chosen. This can be written directly as a number or name in the field or choose from the selection box. The selection is done in a separate window. Thus, an address is listed, it must be in the CRM or the master data in the Accounts Payable module can be defined as a vendor.


Was the chosen supplier stored in the master data, one or more Paying Agents, the first name in the window (the paying agent is important when directly over DTA files would be paid via e-banking). By clicking on the paying agent, you can switch between the saved paying.


The account can also be stored as a template, for example, if the same monthly bills need to be captured.Enter an invoice and press the button "Template".


Orange payment slips with a document reader read:


The chosen supplier has an orange ESR, can be read (eg pay-Pen), the ESR code using a reader, it should be only the cursor in the ESR. If this information is properly stored in the master data from ESR information, the fields are automatically filled in Supplier No., invoices total and reference number.



If a partial payment is to be posted directly to a specific account, enter the relevant account and click on the tab "partial payment":

Collecting evidence:


If the invoice is to be divided among various Expense Account, collective receipt. With select "New" The reservations can be detected, it can be used multiple VAT codes. Each entry generates a posting later set, do so from the text book use.