The evaluation of "Sales Tax vote" shows the sales of the selected accounts with ensprechenden VAT amounts. Here, an accurate evaluation of the individual sales sorted according to the different VAT codes made. Here, either the desired quarter period or any elected AND SUCH vote shows any differences to the VAT statement.


Incl. Early bookings:

If the checkbox is not selected, only journal bookings are already evaluated.


All accounts:

Here is a selection either all accounts included in the evaluation or the following symbol (...) is made.


All VAT codes:

Here either all VAT codes included in the evaluation or the following symbol (...) a selection to be made.


Total per account

This function allows the analysis to make it more detailed.

and Tax Code:

Per account will then be sorted and evaluated based on VAT code.


View Details:

Displays additional details about each item on.


Show details of the

This selection makes it next to the Tax Code and the description of which is recorded in the master data (VAT) table view in evaluation.

VAT codes:


Additional titles:

Adds a title below the additional title.