Here the relevant VAT codes are managed. If VAT rates change, the changes made to a specific date can be made here.


Mouse Functions

Right click with the mouse opens the following functions.

Functions from top to bottom:

1. Adds new VAT code to

2. Here, names and terms are adjusted

3. Removes appropriate VAT code

Tax code:        Here the program-internal Tax Code is set.

Percentage:      Displays the current percentage in%. Under "new percentage" for the future, an  existing VAT rate can be determined. This is then selected from the "valid from" date.

Designation:        Can be freely selected. From the uses "valid from" date inntact the second name line.

Account No.:        Here the account is selected on which the VAT due or the tax credit will be recorded.

Tax code:        Here is the code, which are necessary for the VAT accounts for the Swiss Federal Tax Administration, defined (Tax ID).

Art:                The type determines whether the VAT is recorded as a credit (tax) or liability (payable VAT).

Inclusive:        Determines whether the VAT is included in the reserved amount or will be billed separately.

Investment:        Determines whether it is appropriate VAT code is an investment or purchase account.

Deduction:        If only a portion of the purchases or investments are deductible, it can be adapted here (only available with purchase codes).