> You can view here all the Orders. Can also filter various criteria to narrow down the search

> Can open existing Orders, Edit, Copy and Delete (if it's not yet posted).


Close                  ->  Close the order screen

New                  ->  New Order

Open                  ->  Open the selected order

Delete                -> Delete the selected order

Copy                  -> Copy the selected order

Undo Order        -> you can Undo the transactions

Update CRM        -> Add text for additional field for the customer


> Double-click to open the desired application. The order details screen will appear:

> Here you can enter data.

  Header Tab - can enter order number, order date, delivery date and also you can select the desired customer.

     - In "Contact Person" - can select a contact person by clicking the drop down. (Contacts will be shown only if the selected Customer has an existing contacts)

     - Ordered by, Order and the Commission are freely available fields. Ordered by 2 includes a link to the workforce. Representatives includes a linker with the representatives.

     - you can link an object to the order.

> Top right you will see the order cost.

  Header II (Tab) - you can type more information such as customer account, revenue account, VAT, shipping costs, etc. ..

    • Header III (Tab) - you can enter on Header and Footer. You can change your Delivery Address and Correspondence Address

     Header IV (Tab) - memo from Address module will be seen here and vise versa

     • Header V (Tab) - can enter additional information like text and dates

     • Header VI (Tab) -  Can enter additional information

        - > Use as Template - this feature will be used in creating a Membership Invoice.

      • Documents (Tab) - you can add documents for an order.

      • Open Item (Tab) - you can view the Open Item here. shows all Open Items with corresponding order Nr. entered from Service

       • Planning (Tab) - you can view the Planning here. shows all planning with corresponding order Nr. entered from Service