Here you create your staff.


No facilities are provided as a filter, short name, name, city and zip code available. Start the search process then with "Search”. The address is read from the CRM. Enter the remaining information. The New AHV no. we absolutely need.


Employees in windows it has some fields that the tables that you have either copied from the client base or created yourself are deposited. If you stand on a box with the cursor, you can call up a list and then take over the respective stored data corresponding table with the function key [F4] or with a mouse click.

The bank account information, comments and holidays are entered in the second "Additional Information". Here, if the bank data are missing, the wage NOT via DTA can be paid.

In the white box, you can enter text that will appear on each payroll for this employee.

The wage information you give best one first before you open a pay period. These data serve as basis.

The employment data give the best one first before you open a pay period. Without employment, the employee no data appears on the newly opened pay period.

You enter in the register children, the children of the employee. So automatically the child allowances are calculated.

Because it is common in many cantons is that the dependent child allowance increases when the child is 12 years old, has 2 children register supplements available.

Enter each of the end date of the allowances.


WARNING: the wage type’s child and education allowances must also be stored properly in the base data, nothing else can be calculated.

The amounts deposited are NOT fixed, because they are regulated by the cantons.

Here the holiday display when they were collected in the menu holiday. They can also be detected directly in this window.