In the tab "pay period", you can create new pay periods, pay periods open, close the current pay period, creating the current pay period for new, by loading the basic wage data, and then open closed wage periods.

TIP: Before you create the first pay period - enter all master data (wage types, employees, etc.).

Pay period / New:

If no wage period is available, it will be created (based on the system date). If you already pay periods are sufficient, the next one is created.

There are all the employees that are actively listed. Apparent is the net wage (the wage to be paid effective), the Paying Agent and holiday per employee, and a total amount (total net wage)

This payroll can now be mutated any, to click on the employee. In the lower part of the field shows the details.

Here you can create new wage type to take (possibly expenses) or delete existing ones or change. Falls an individual employee again want to enter fresh, click on the desired employee and choose the button "basic data" - all previously entered changes will be deleted and the master data again assumed.

When all the data such as Hours worked, expenses, vacation, etc. terms were entered can be printed or viewed the payroll

Pay period / Open:

Open a previously created pay period - but ONLY to show them something and nachzuschauen.The status is NOT reset, unless this is required (cancellation function resets the status).

Pay period / Completing:

When all information is entered correctly, the first pay period must be completed before they can be processed as a paycheck.

This is a security measure that will not trigger payments when the data is later changed again.

Pay period / Base wage data load:

If a pay period is not showing the correct data base or opened ready possibly a pay period, but was later opened another employee or altered, can all basic payroll data for all employees will be loaded again. (The same function is for individual employees using the "data base").

Pay period / Cancellation:

The cancellation function sets the pay period for each return to a status. Please note the status of the pay periods - in order: open / closed / posted.


Example: If a pay period has been closed, but before the payment is still a change, this pay period by simply pressing cancellation again is opened.