To find a supplier, fill in the search criteria and select "Search" or type the name in the field next to the magnifying glass. If the desired vendor is not found, it is possible that this only as an address in CRM - but not as a vendor - is.

The vendor master data includes only an accounting background, the address is collected in CRM and in the vendor master merely linked.


Functions from left to right:

Save Changes

New supplier record

Supplier delete


Restore Column Widths

New supplier record

To detect a new supplier, the address must be entered in the CRM. Here are just shortcuts as a supplier is created.


First, the address must be selected for the new vendor. This happens with Help of the selection tick alongside the main address. It appears an auxiliary table for selection the address. After this all further details for the supplier are recorded.


If you want to work with the automatic payment via DTA - must necessarily the correct currency and paying agent are recorded!