Here, each employee can record their working hours. Over-and under time can be calculated exactly. Furthermore, the performance can be transferred directly in the Order module (billing to customer).

Activity Reporting - filter

   > The performance data can be filtered as in the planning.

Activity Reporting - Input

Columns - you can add columns in the grid. You can view all the columns by pressing right click on column header.

The following information will be included in Activity Reporting.

   • Item No.                         ->  Link from Item Table

   • Order ID.                         ->  Link from Order Processing

   • Account                         ->  Link from Account plan

   • Internal Projects          -> Select from Table

   • Amount field               ->  User input or amount of activity

   • Customer                         ->  Link with Customer table

   • Object                         ->  Link with object

   • Item Price                         ->  User input or VP of Article

   • Category/phase/verse. ->  User input or selection

   • Open Items                 ->  Open Items

   • Pro Rata                     ->  Duration of the activity (Affects also on the length of time recording)

   • Amount                      ->  The amount of benefit

   • Employee / objects     ->  The employee responsible