<> File

     Company Information

     Change Company

     Create Company

     Set As Default

     Remove Default Company

     Print Setup


<> Edit





<> Tools

     Editor (List and Label)


     Export Fields


        •  CRM Option

        •  Order Option

        •  Stocks Option

        •  Service Option

        •  Object Option

        •  Company

        •  Accounting

     Remove of Table

     Change Password

        •  Company

        •  Salary

     Default Language

     Database Password

     User Information


     Remove Web Sync

     Save Current Grid Settings


     Change Request

<> CRM

     Update Existing Object

     Outlook Entry

     Sync Contacts

     Update Numeric Fields

<> Stocks



     Import Items

     Export XML

     Create CSV File

     Update Price

     Update Additional Location

     Web Field Linking

     Sync Shop Database

     Sync Shop History


        • Update Vat

        • Update Revenue Account Numbers

        • Update Disposable Qty

<> Order

     Generate Invoice

     Print ESER Slips

     Document Per Customer

     Document Per User

     Change Font (Pos. Extension)

     Automation for Delivery Notes

     Membership Invoice

     Subscription Contract

     Print and Copy

     Import Webshop


     Backlog Maintenance

     Make Purchase Copy

     Zero-Out Backlog

     Undo New Status

     Undo Partial Invoice

     Undo Partial Delivery

     Split Order

<> Icons

<> Functions